What would the world be without bags? We know that a woman is only really happy with a bag in her hand. Therefore we have different bags and accessory bags in our range that leave nothing to be desired. We offer a total of three different models, which differ in size, shape and colour. “Lilly”, “Carla” and “Antonia” have long since become favorites, because all three are suitable both as a stylish evening clutch and as a way to keep things in order in larger bags.

We offer this large selection of bags so that every woman is perfectly equipped. We’re sure that “Lilly”, “Carla” and “Antonia” will make every woman’s heart beat faster.

My monogram also offers accessory bags with leather appliqué: accessories bag Antonia, cosmetics bag Antonia.

Our embroidered monograms also make every accessory bag unique and unmistakable.


Whether or not a new accessory bag is suitable for our production process will be checked by us in detail. Is the fabric suitable? Which combinations with our different monogramms are possible? We strive to offer the greatest possible variety in every single bag. At the same time, we make sure that our bags are in line with current trends. For example, “Lilly” and “Carla” are made of particularly strong cotton fabric. As accessory bags, they always keep the little things that every woman has with her under control. Used as a small clutch, they keep their appealing shape and can accompany you again and again on your evenings out.

The different sizes make it easy for you to quickly store your accessories in a different bag and offers great flexibility.

Make yourself or your friends happy with this personalized gift.


Still relatively new in the team is our little eye-catcher with geometric print: “Antonia”. We produce it ourselves. From cutting the fabric, inserting the zipper and sewing it together, all the way to the final embroidery of the monogram, every step in production takes place on on-site. “Antonia” captivates with its particularly beautiful colours and geometric pattern. The small fringe pendant completes the accessory bag. We produce each “Antonia” according to the customer’s wishes.


As with all our products, we pay particular attention to clean and exact workmanship. We design each product according to the wishes of the customer with the individual monogram. 
We are convinced that this is reflected in the product quality. The result is simple elegance with a lot of personal flair. Such an accessory bag is always up-to-date and a must-have for every woman.


Finally there are our embroidered monograms. They turn our products into a personal statement piece. You can design each accessory bag individually with your personalized monogram. Whether with your initials, the initials of your partner and yourself, or a whole word, we are happy to make your wish a reality
. A monogrammed accessory bag is also a great gift idea, perhaps for your best friend or Mother.