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Perfect for meetings

A must-have for the office and your meeting is definitely a conference folder with monogram. Keeps your notes and pen handy at all times. The folder accompanies you through everyday office life, looks classy and is a handier alternative to a bag. The leather conference folder offers space for loose sheets of paper in addition to the notepad and pen tab. So you’ll always have everything you need at your fingertips.

Personalization & Material

As it will be your individual conference folder, we offer different personalisation options. You can choose from a range of different colors for the conference folder. You also have different options when choosing your monogram. First, you can choose between embossing and engraving. For embossing we currently use a font, here you can decide whether you want your monogram embossed with gold or silver foil. Blind embossing is also possible, whereby the letters are embossed in the leather without the use of a foil. If you choose the engraving with the laser, you have the choice between many different monograms. The monogram is then lasered into the leather.

Our conference folders are made of leather. We make sure that the material is of high quality, after all, you should be able to enjoy your personalized folder for a years to come.

As a gift

Our conference folder is also a great gift. The personalization gives the gift a personal touch. A really great gift for colleagues or employees, but of course also for those who have a lot of meetings and want their notes always ready to hand.

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