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  • Handkerchief Mein Monogramm



Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Our handkerchiefs with personalized monograms are a great gift, but also something for every day. Because no matter if for every day, or for special occasions – with our handkerchiefs, you are ready for anything.
We personalize the towels according to your wishes. We embroider the monogram or your name. You have many different monograms to choose from. With just one letter or which with two letters for your first and last name. We also offer monograms for couples. You will receive a very individual and personalized product that you can enjoy for a long time.

Handkerchiefs for every occasion

Find everything you need in our selection of handkerchiefs: a simple but beautiful pocket square for the groom, a colorful gift for a loved one, or as a small courtesy for guests at a party.

Great materials

We offer high quality handkerchiefs in different colours. You have a lot of choice and can find the right thing for every occasion. We use high quality materials for our products and prioritise good workmanship, because we want you to enjoy your monogram for a long time.

Gifting handkerchiefs

Our handkerchiefs are also perfect as a gift. Treat your girlfriend, your friend, parents or other friends and family members to a special and personal gift. Our handkerchiefs are also great wedding gifts.
How about a handkerchief for the bride’s parents or for the groomsmen as a personal reminder of the day. As an accessory for the bridesmaids you can find wedding bags in our shop.

How about a monogrammed gift for the bride and groom with a beautiful family monogram that they will use gain and again and reminds them of their special day.  Browse our shop for other wedding gift ideas, such as ring pillows, napkins and name signs with monogram.