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Wooden boards with monogram

Our monogrammed wooden boards are the perfect eye-catcher for every table. Whether for every day, or for special occasions – our serving boards are perfect for every occasion.

We engrave your personal monogram or your name on the breakfast board so that it is clearly visible. There are many different monograms to choose from. For example, only those with one letter or those with two letters for your first and last name. We also offer monograms for couples. In this way you get a particularly individual and personalized product that you will enjoy for a long time.


Wooden boards for every occasion

We have a diverse range of wooden boards for many different purposes. We personalise small chopping boards, narrow boards for baguettes or larger boards for cheeses. Here you will find a wooden board for every day or for special festivities. You can use the wooden boards to set your table for a romantic date, dinner, birthdays or at a wedding. Give your table a special touch of elegance. Buy the right wooden board for their different uses in the kitchen and dining room. With our large selection you can have place sets for the whole family.


Quality materials


We offer wooden boards made from cherry or ash wood in different sizes.
You can find exactly the right serving board for every occasion and every purpose. We rely on particularly high-quality materials and good workmanship for our products because we want you to enjoy your monogrammed product for years to come.


Gifting personalised wooden boards


Our tableware is also an ideal gift. You can gift a board to your loved one, your parents or friends and family members, buit is also an excellent wedding present.
How about a large wooden board with bark. Or a whole set of breakfast boards with a beautiful family monogram as a gift which the bride and groom will use again and again and reminds them of their special day.